The 7 Tips To Help You Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance

1. Compare Multiple Quote

Shop around and compare quotes from different companies to find cheap car insurance. Using online tools makes it easier to get multiple online car insurance quotes.

2. How Your Car Impacts Your Rates

Some cars brands and models are more expensive to insure. Your car impacts your rates because it might high a higher chance of getting stolen or into an accident.  

3. Increase Your Deductible

Before any claim is paid to you, first you must cover your portion known as the deductible portion.  One of the best tips to lowering your car insurance rates is to increase your premiums. Compare rates with our online car insurance tool. 

4. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Bundling your auto and home insurance policies can decrease your insurance premiums. Many insurance providers will offer you a discount for bundling your home and auto policies.  You could save up to 25% for bundling policies.  If you have any other policies such as life or motorcycle insurance you might be able to get further discounts.

5. Take Care Of Your Credit Score

Many states allow car insurance companies to give better rates to customers with better credit scores. An Excellent or Good credit score could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

6. Claim All Available Discounts

Insurance companies will offer a variety of discounts.  They range from being an active or retired member of the armed forces, union membership and alumni.  Stacking discounts can go a long way in getting you a cheap car insurance rate.  

7. Avoid Coverage Overages

Every state except for New Hampshire requires every driver to have minimum car insurance coverage. Anything above this is optional and you should see what coverages you need and which ones you do not to save money on your insurance. If you live in an area with high car theft you should consider comprehensive insurance. Do not drive a lot, see if you can find an insurance company that offers low milage or pay per mile coverage.

How Can You Save Money On Car Insurance?

People are continuing to pay high car insurance rates and do not search for options to lower their rates. Tools on Quotes Pilot might easily help to reduce your rates when you compare different insurance rates from different companies. Exploring ways to save on your insurance and using online tools can save you thousands of dollars.

Comparing various rates from car insurance companies can save you money and can find different coverages at the best rate. Using online tools would allow you to get multiple rates from some of the top insurance carriers. Carriers such as State Farm, USAA, Nationwide, American Family, and Geico. Various companies have different ways to determine your rate and they differ in the discounts available, therefore it is advised you compare rates to see if you can find lower insurance rates.

A great way to save on your insurance premium is to combine your insurance policies. If you already have home insurance policy take advantage of bundle discounts offered by most insurance companies. Make sure you insure all your cars with the same company to qualify for the multi-vehicle discount.

The most basic way to get cheap auto insurance is to keep a clean driving record. An accident and ticket free driving record could have you up to 25%. Having good driving habits such as wearing a seatbelt, respecting the speed limit, being accident-free and not drinking and driving will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

One easy way to decrease your monthly auto insurance rates is to increase your policy deductible. However, you need to take into consideration if you are involved in an accident, you might be responsible to pay the deductible amount. If you are historically a safe driver, increasing your deductible will help save you money on your auto insurance policy.

Claiming all possible discounts can help decrease your monthly cost of your auto insurance rates. Insurance companies such as Travelers Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Allstate Insurance, and Progressive Insurance and many others offer different discounts. Discounts such as multi-policy, member & employee, military, etc.